Voce Angeli Choir (Voice of an Angel)


Voce Angeli is a mixed choir founded in 1999 by Piotr Palka. The choir currently operates at the Basilica of St. Francis in Krakow. The members of the choir consist of students and graduates of the surrounding Krakow universities. Voce Angeli has also participated in singing at the Wloclawek Worship Concert until 2010, the Divine Mercy Basilica in Lagiewniki, and in Antwerp, Belgium. Voce Angeli primarily performs religious and secular music, mainly a cappella. The choir's repertoire includes original compositions and arrangements by Piotr Palka.

The choir has received many distinctions and recognitions.

  • Earned recognition in the 9th Annual Myslenice Choral Song Festival in 2000.
  • Earned 3rd place in the 10th Annual Myselnice Choral Song Festival in 2001.
  • Earned 3rd place in the category of adult choirs in the 7th National Festival of Christmas Carols and Pastorale in Bedzin in 2001.
  • Won the Golden Band in the 12th Malopolska Choir Competition.
  • In March 2002, Voce Angeli recorded and performed the medieval morality play, “A Short and True Story About Everyone” directed by Wojciech Markiewicz with music by Piotr Palka. In May 2002, the recording won the Marulic Grand Prix at the 6th International Festival of Historical Plays and Radio Documentaries in Croatia.

Voce Angeli has performed in the following pieces:

  • 2002 - A Short and True Story About Everyone
  • 2004 - Jealous Love
  • 2005 - Roman Triptych
  • 2005 - Missa in Basilica Cracoviensi Sancti Francisco
  • 2010 - Oratorio Braniewski - Nicolaus Copernicus
  • 2012 - God Above Everything - Oratorio of BI. Bronisław Markiewicz
  • 2014 - Love Above All -  A prayer of speaking and repressive prayer
  • 2015 - Missa Martyrum
  • 2016 - Oratorio of St. Kindze - Love is the Most Important
  • 2020 - Mother from Czerwinskiego Hill Oratorio